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Games of All Time

#25 Metal Gear Solid 4

Release Date: 2008
Developer: Konami
Genre: Adventure
Platform: Playstation 3
My Rating: 9.4

#24 Goldeneye

Release Date: 1997
Developer: Rare
Genre: Shooter
Platform: Nintendo 64
My Rating: 9.4

This was Halo before there was Halo. Based off of the movie with the same name, Goldeneye was, and still is one of the greatest first person shooters. Despite the crappy AI and dated graphics, it remains one of my favorites. It is also proof that movie licensed games don't always suck.

#23 Super Mario 64

Release Date: 1996
Developer: Nintendo
Genre: Adventure
Platform: Nintendo 64
My Rating: 9.4

Mario's first transition into 3D, and most would agree it's his best. Who could ever forget spinning Bowser by the tail for the first time? What made this game so great was the amount of variety. Lava worlds? Got 'em. Snow worlds? Got 'em. Sky worlds? Got 'em. Underwater? Nah...but they have those too.

#22 Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles

Release Date: 1994
Developer: Sega
Genre: Adventure
Platform: Sega Genesis
My Rating: 9.4

The Sonic the Hedgehog series had always been good up until this point, but this one was simply the best. It was actually 2 separate games, but it featured a unique, one-of-a-kind way of combining the 2 to make one gigantic adventure. In addition, it had the coolest levels, musical score, and of course, Super Saiya-err Hyper Sonic.

#21 Fable

Release Date: 2004
Developer: Microsoft Game Studios
Genre: Role-Playing
Platform: Xbox
My Rating: 9.4

Fable was great on so many levels because of the amount of customization. You could be a skinny, evil swordsman, slaughtering innocents and aiding bandits, follow the righteous path and be a buff ass mage, or many other things. What you did not only affected the story, but your appearance as well.

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